EPISODE 1 – Setting Goals & Priorities and what I learned from Trent Shelton

In this episode of the Baseball with Bray Podcast, I talk about how to set goals and prioritize the things in your life – especially time management – to help you achieve your goals so you can become not only a better baller, but also the BEST version of yourself.

My mentor, Trent Shelton, taught me the importance of having 3D’s in your life: Destination, Determination & Drive, and now, I’m sharing it with you, in his words, more or less.

DESTINATION means having a goal. This is your dream, it’s where you want to go! It can be a long -term goal (for me, it’s playing in the MLB), or short-term goals like getting better grades in school, trying out and making the basketball team, or anything else!

Once you know your destination, you need DIRECTIONS. Trent says that we need to figure out what steps we need to take to get to our destination (for me, it’s improving my speed and agility, working on my hitting, and becoming an overall better baller). We also need people in our lives (like my Dad and Coaches) who can help provide us directions.

And finally, we need DRIVE! It’s all cool if we have a destination and directions, but we won’t get there unless we drive ourselves there. Drive means taking action and putting in the hard work!

After you listen to my podcast episode about this (you can also listen on iTunes (link coming soon), Spotify & YouTube – and make sure to subscribe and leave a review, please), check out Trent’s video!

COMMENT BELOW and let me know what your destination is so we can hold each other accountable to acquire our directions, and stay driven!

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